How do you move everything you own into your new home without losing your mind? By reading our moving home guides. Handy hints and tips to help you pack up and settle in..

Choosing a Removal Company. Moving items out of your current property and into your new home takes a great deal of organisation, time and physical strength. If you’ve got a lot of boxes, fragile items, valuables or heavy pieces of furniture to move, then appointing a professional removal company is a worthwhile investment. And it’s crucial you find the removal company that’s right for you.

House Packing. House packing is a tiring and time-consuming affair. We can’t say packing your life into boxes is ever going to be a pleasure but heed our practical tips and advice and you could save your sanity, as well as your fragile possessions.

Moving Day. It’s finally here. The day you’ve been longing for and dreading at the same time. Moving day can be one of the most stressful days of your life. So follow our guide to make the big day as hassle-free and exciting as it should be.

Involve your children before the move. Giving children tasks and responsibility will give them control over their situation. Involve them in packing and let them pack up their own toys. Also encourage them to de-clutter and get rid of toys they no longer play with . Make sure that children’s toys are the last items to be packed onto the van and are therefore easily accessed at the other end.

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